Ideas on What to Do Next

Now that you have an idea how Facebook Messenger Platform,, a simple Node.js App on Glitch and Airtable can work together to create conversational interfaces. Here are some ideas on what to do next:

  • Try to modify quizSteps in quiz.js and try to go through the quiz with the new scenarios
  • Take a peek at "Understanding" section of your project's dashboard. New utterances, coming from production will appear at the top of the page โ€” you can verify classification results and correct any mistakes to fine-tune your model
  • Train to recognize another intent, for instance "Is loss of taste and smell is a symptom of COVID-19" could stand for a "symptoms_info". Add a code to handle it in message handler in app.js
  • Here's another idea! Add a table with Activities to Airtable database and fill it with activity names and associated CDC article links on this page: Implement a lookup to provide a relevant link, if such Activity was found in the table.